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Personal Training Redmond

Personal Training at Optimum Peak Fitness is designed to fit your lifestyle and optimize your results. Our team of specialists spends time creating an in-depth comprehensive treatment plan to correct postural dysfunction, develop foundational movement patterns, and improve athletic development. Our coaches utilize targeted assessments to identify sources of pain or instability and provide our clients with custom plans.

OPF Individualized Training includes:

  • One on one personal training 

  • 50 minute long personal training session 

  • Customized warm up (myofascial release, mobilization and muscle activation)

  • Percussion therapy session at end of each training session  

  • Complimentarily towels and beverages for each workout

  • Quarterly check ins

    • Addressing priority of fitness goals 

    • Outlining obstacles that could impede clients progress 

    • A detailed quarterly fitness plan 

    • Measurements before & after


Who we cater to and why OPF is a good choice: 

  • We welcome those who have lost motivation due to injury, seek the fundamentals of physical fitness, athletes who need help reaching their peak, and anyone in between. 

  • OPF takes a holistic approach. We focus on the development of sustainable habits, foundational movement development and supportive community. Our team of experts consists of clinical exercise physiologist, kinesiologist and correctional exercise specialists. We have thorough knowledge of kinematics, biomechanics and the ability to correct abnormal joint loading.

How much is a Personal Trainer in Redmond?

The cost of personal training sessions varies. However, we charge per hour for training sessions. We also offer packages at competitive rates. You simply purchase the package and commit to a specific number of training sessions a week. You can compare rates as well as what is included in the package to determine the best option for you.

Who is Personal Training For?

Many people have the misconception that personal training is reserved for the rich and famous or for professional athletes. However, the truth is that everyone can benefit from having sessions with a fitness professional. Our personal training sessions will help you achieve your goals with greater efficiency. You will be able to train more effectively and even gain the motivation you need to overcome the challenges you’ll face along your fitness journey.

Partner Training:

What Exactly Does a Fitness Trainer Do in Partner Training?

  • Are you looking to improve your fitness with a partner!? Wondering where to start? Let us help you start your fitness journey off right. Contact us to schedule an appointment with a fitness trainer from our team. We will provide you  and your partner with the guidance to achieve your fitness goals. We work with clients from all walks of life at different stages of fitness. Whether you’re just starting in fitness, want to take your fitness to the next level or are an elite athlete looking to improve your performance, our professional trainers have the skills and know-how to help you achieve you and your partners  goals.

  • Schedule a session with a personal fitness trainer from our gym and have your goals and level of fitness evaluated by a professional with years of training and experience. We will help you set realistic goals and design a fitness regimen to help you and your partner  achieve them efficiently. Our fitness trainers will guide you and your partner  through your fitness routine and show you how to perform the movements effectively. We will provide you and your partner with the motivation to stay the course and achieve your goals.

Zoom Training:

  • Flexible Location. Virtual training opens up the doors to be able to workout whenever and wherever.  You could be at home, on a business trip, on vacation, or at a friend's for the weekend and still be able to get your workouts in.

  • Flexible schedule.  Virtual training can be extremely flexible.  Meaning that your schedule is much less of a constraint for working out and getting healthy.

  • It’s accessible.  You need WiFi and a device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone) 

  • It’s effective.  Don’t for a second think that just because it’s not at a typical gym, at-home workouts won’t be effective.  With the proper intensity and effort as well as a good, smart program (workout plan) working out at home is equally as effective as a gym. 

  • Teaches and emphasizes body awareness.  This is a HUGE pro for virtual training.  The more bodyweight training you do, the more you’ll master the awareness and control of your body.  This will lead to a healthier body image, increase self-confidence and improve your daily function!

  • It can be private.  Meaning you don’t have to share your training and space with other members of a gym.  If you have a trainer/coach, this is a time you can work with someone to help you lay a really good foundation of movement, strength, and endurance while you can also be confident that no one is watching/judging you (except for your trainer – but still no judgement).  This can give some relief to people who are tentative to head into a large gym or exercise in front of others.

Ready To Improve Your Health?


Image by Meghan Holmes

This is the place to come for a QUALITY personal and group training experience. I’m a long time lifter but had been suffering with a nagging back injury off and on for years. Spending time with Luke and the other trainers, we got to the root of the injury and I have now been pain free for going on 5 months, all thanks to them! They are hands down the most knowledgeable fitness professionals I’ve ever come across, but also the most caring and comforting to be around. If I could give this company more stars, I would.


- Emma Sterdavent