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Are you looking to take your physical performance to the next level? Perhaps you’re looking to improve your performance in sports or simply want to achieve a personal fitness goal, and you may be wondering if personal training is right for you. You can work with a trainer in a gym, in the privacy of your home or even virtually. These professionals are certified to design and guide clients through fitness programs that are tailored to meet their specific fitness goals. While these trainers are often associated with celebrities and athletes, more people from all walks of life are beginning to take advantage of the benefits of one-on-one training.




What are the Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer?


There are many benefits to hiring a personal trainer.

     1. You’ll get a fitness program tailored to your needs and requirements

No two people are alike. Your journey to your fitness goals will be as unique as you and your circumstances are. It therefore makes sense that you should have a fitness plan that is tailored to meet your needs. Hiring our qualified trainer will ensure that you have a plan that suits your needs and requirements. We will design the fitness program that fits in with your lifestyle and will help you get to your goals.

     2. They will keep you accountable

One of the hardest parts of achieving fitness goals is staying consistent. It takes a lot of determination and motivation to throw on those workout clothes and shoes and get your workout in. Many people fall off the wagon when faced with life’s challenges. We offer you the opportunity to work with a personal trainer Redmond residents trust for great results who will keep you accountable. They’ll check on you to ensure that you’re sticking to the program. They will work with you to keep you motivated and committed to your fitness goals.

     3. You’ll learn how to exercise

Many people just getting into fitness don’t know where to start. Others simply get into the latest fitness craze with the hope of achieving great results. However, it is important to learn how to exercise right in order to achieve your goals. Our fitness professionals will show you what exercises are best to help you get better results. They will demonstrate good form and teach you how to combine exercises so you can achieve better results.

     4. They’ll help you get results

Have you been working out and not seeing any results? A personal trainer from our team can help you get the results you want. They will examine your goals and ensure you have set realistic goals. They will evaluate your current program and make changes necessary to help you reach your goals in a more efficient way.  They will work with you to help you achieve better results.

How much is a Personal Trainer in Redmond?

The cost of personal training sessions varies. However, we charge per hour for training sessions. We also offer packages at competitive rates. You simply purchase the package and commit to a specific number of training sessions a week. You can compare rates as well as what is included in the package to determine the best option for you.

Who is Personal Training For?

Many people have the misconception that personal training is reserved for the rich and famous or for professional athletes. However, the truth is that everyone can benefit from having sessions with a fitness professional. Our personal training sessions will help you achieve your goals with greater efficiency. You will be able to train more effectively and even gain the motivation you need to overcome the challenges you’ll face along your fitness journey.

What is a Typical Personal Training Session Like?

The specific activities that you engage in during a personal training session will depend on your goals as well as the nature of the session. The initial training session often begins with introductions. You will probably have to answer questions about your fitness goals. You will then go through a warm up session prior to engaging in various exercises. You will then have a cool down session that consists of stretching to improve mobility.

Will My Personal Trainer Work with Pre-Existing Injuries or Conditions?

If you have been injured or suffer from a specific condition, it is advised that you work with a fitness professional. A personal trainer will create a program that will help you exercise safely. You will be able to achieve your fitness goals without the risk of aggravating your injury or worsening your condition.

If you’re looking to improve your performance or achieve a fitness goal, get in touch with us and schedule a personal training session.

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This is the place to come for a QUALITY personal and group training experience. I’m a long time lifter but had been suffering with a nagging back injury off and on for years. Spending time with Luke and the other trainers, we got to the root of the injury and I have now been pain free for going on 5 months, all thanks to them! They are hands down the most knowledgeable fitness professionals I’ve ever come across, but also the most caring and comforting to be around. If I could give this company more stars, I would.


- Emma Sterdavent